Here are a few great songs for you to enjoy in between our Light Factory sessions - we hope you'll love them as much as we do. You can also find some of these, plus a few others, on our Spotify playlist (requires a Spotify account).

Great Big God

This is brilliant live version of one of our long-term favourites.

All the Angels Sing

Here's a new carol we enjoyed at Countdown to Christmas, complete with sign language actions.

It Begins in Bethlehem

Another one from Countdown to Christmas, taken from the Rhyming Bible by Bob Hartman.

I'm Not Just Here To Use Up Air

A Light Factory favourite performed live by the song's author, Doug (Duggie-Dug-Dug) Horley.
"Chosen, loved, so forgiven!" What more can we say?

My Lighthouse

Here's one we sang a lot at Seaside Rock, helping us to remember that God is "the peace in my troubled sea".

No Rules, No Limits

This is a great song all about how there are no rules and no limits when it comes to prayer.
"Any time, any place, gonna pray anyway, anyhow!"

God Suit On

God gives his children a suit of armour (our "God suit") to help us overcome all that the world sometimes throws at us.
Check it out in your Bible @ Ephesians 6:14-17

The Incredible Song

Another Light Factory favourite.
"I am incredible, not always sensible.
I’m fairly bendable, just not too edible.
I am incredible, my worth’s immeasurable.
I have a pricelessness to God"

I Can Walk, I Can Run

And another one from Doug Horley - also known as "The Chicken Dance Song!" You can enjoy lots more like this on the official Duggie-Dug-Dug YouTube channel.

You might also enjoy Duggie-Dug-Dug's Crazy Stay At Home Roadshows, a whole series made specially for lockdown - with puppets "Loo" and "Rolls", crazy science experiments, sign-language songs and activities you can try at home.

Oh Wow!

Here's a new one featuring the Cheeky Pandas (yes, that's actually the name of the band).

Fearfully and Wonderfully Designed

Here's one we sing often, because we can all say, "I've got a brilliant body and I've got a brilliant mind!"

And finally...

Audio only for this one but it's ... THE BOING SONG!

This one is by Dave Godfrey, who also happens to be the author of Rocky's Plaice and some of our other themes over the years. You can hear more of Dave's songs, including "I Love Ya!", "Ace Foundations" and "A Time For Everything" here.

Page last updated: Thu 16 Jun 2022